HPS High Pressure Sodium Lamp 600W、1000W

Strawberry、Tomato 、Corn/Rice/Cotton Plants 、Rose、Greenhouse、Various flowers ect.

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Power:  600W
Voltage:  200~240VAC
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 Product Characteristic

Suitable Plants :Strawberry、Tomato 、Corn/Rice/Cotton Plants 、Rose、Ornamental Plants、Caladium Plants 、Alocasia Plants 、Monstera Plants 、Adenium Plants 、Orchids、Rose、Potted Vegetables And Fruits、Greenhouse、Various flowers ect.

Recommended to supplement light time:6-8 hours/day

Fixing/Suspension method :Aluminum Hook (Vertical lighting is recommended)

Product operating temperature :The shell temperature is about 45-50℃ when the power supply works ,the exterior temperature of the lampshade is about 40℃ around,the bulb temperature is higher than 180℃(Do not touch),the ambient temperature directly below the bulb 1-2℃ higher than the ambient temperature .

Waterproof: Waterproof grade of power supply is IP65,can splash a small amount of water on the lamp body(Do not splash on lamp body for a long time),the bulb temperature is high during lighting,water splashes and cracks .

Power line and plug :Wring or national standard leakage-proof triple plug(can be customized to different countries plug),3*0.75mm2 copper core CE certificate high temperature resistant 105℃ rubber wire,standard line length is 1.5M(customizable extension )


Q1. Can I have the sample orders for LED or HPS series grow lights?

A: Yes, we are glade and welcome sample orders for testing and checking quality. Any of the sample orders are acceptable on our Delponting plant grow light store”.

Q2. What about the lead time? Do you have stock ready to ship?

A: Yes, we support Quickly delivery. To be shipped from our overseas warehouse (in the Germany USA and Canada) or our native factory in China, the shipment will be donne within 24hrs and it will take 35 days to arrive at your door. The shipping to other countries will take 5-10 days from our native factory in China, Bulk order production usually needs 2–4 weeks for order quantity more than 100pcs or more. Shipping methords are usually DHLUPSFEDEXTNT ect. We pay more attention to make sure the transportation safety. Airline and shipping by sea are also optional.

Q3. Is it OK to print my logo on the products and customize the products with my own design?

A: Yes. Our R&D can fullfill your requests under the specific design , we will make the samples for you to confirm before you will place the orders.   

Q4: Do you offer a guarantee for the products? Poor quality is prone to problems, it will affect our company’s reputation and brand.

A: Yes, we offer a 2–5 years warranty on our products. Our company has been in this field for over 10 years, our rich manufacturing experience allows us to have a very good grasp of product quality. We are always on the way to develop and produce the high quality products.

Q5: How to deal with the quality issue?

A: Duration the guarantee period,we will provide a solution within 24 hours and provide free replacement accessories and lamps for any product that is not considered damaged. then Our products will be under the strict production and control system . More details please check our SERVICE on the menu of Delponting grow lights store


We will be glade to discuss with more of your questions and inquiriesTrust your eyes and our brand

HPS600NIB(HIB) (600W) Plant Grow Light

Recommended Suspension Height(To the top of leaves):1-1.5M ,Not less than 0.8M

Light intensity (lx):16.5K around (height 1M);6-7K (height 1.5M)

Suitable coverage size :7-10 Square Meter

Dimensions( L*W*H ): 590*280*130mm 

Weight4.2KG (HPS600NIB)

Weight4.15KG (HPS600HIB)

Applicable scenario :Greenhouse projects、indoor planting and balcony (shelter from the rain)

HPS1000LIB(HIB) (1000W) Plant Grow Light

Recommended Suspension Height(To the top of leaves):1.5-3.5M ,Not less than 1M

Light intensity (lx):21K around (height 1.5M);5-6K (height 3.5M)

Suitable coverage size :10-15 Square Meter

Dimensions( L*W*H ):640*280*130mm

Weight5.15KG (HPS1000LIB)

Weight4.95KG (HPS1000HIB)

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